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Unusual and Unique Casino-Themed Pet Accessories and Products

Dogs that enjoy playing cards will love these novelty hats and tiaras, especially if their humans enjoy poker or bridge. Plush toy set comes packaged nicely for gift giving!

Little Earth has earned a name for themselves by producing fashionable human and pet accessories that blend together style, creativity, and fun into licensed sports and celebrity products. Their casino puzzle toy provides food-motivated fun for smart dogs who like solving problems – with adjustable difficulty settings for an optimal experience!

Do-It-Yourself Dog Tattoos

Tattoos depicting your best friend are becoming incredibly trendy. From portraits to simple paw prints, dog tattoos offer an adorable way to immortalize them.

This adorable pet memorial tattoo features a series of paw prints forming the shape of a heart, subtly reminding you that your beloved companion will always remain part of your heart while also being visible enough for others to notice and cause conversation starter.

Jia’s skill at micro-realism makes these puppies come to life in this stunning tattoo. Her use of various line thicknesses and shading techniques emphasizes shadows while also bringing each pup’s features to life.

High Chair for Dogs

Corgi-loving pet parents would appreciate receiving a fun, unique present such as this soft Corgi-butt pillow as a special present. Rover testers also loved this adorable dog hammock which looks similar to an infant high chair but can accommodate different sized dogs.

Dogs that like to chew will love this puzzle toy made from food-grade materials, which allows them to play while eating their kibble. Available with designs depicting garden vegetables, brunch food items, safari animals, fast food or monsters!

Rover tester Olive and her pet parent enjoyed using this pawdicure pen, which works more like a Sharpie marker and less messy than liquid nail polish. There are nine colors to choose from!

Casino Puzzle for Dogs

Dog puzzle toys are an effective way to engage and mentally stimulate your pup while also preventing boredom from turning into destructive behavior, such as chewing or excessive barking. Nina Ottosson’s puzzle toy takes this concept one step further by providing your pup with unique challenges to face during playtime.

Dog Casino Interactive Treat Puzzle features non-leakage play pieces to prevent choking. Constructed of safe BPA, PVC and phthalate-free materials for long-lasting use, simply leave the drawers open for easier access before teaching your pet how to twist white bones to lock draws before pulling treats out.

Dog Beer

Dog beer may seem like an unusual gag gift, but it has become increasingly popular. Not only is it non-alcoholic but its non-digestible formula has even been said to aid digestion while providing vital glucosamine benefits for joint health.

Good Boy Dog Beer was established by a Houston pet parent to give her Rottweiler Rocky additional nutrients, and is available in Texas stores as well as online. Their offerings include the popular IPA Lot in the Yard, Mailman Malt Licker, and Session Squirrel beers.

Busch beer has also joined in on the game by creating their first-ever dog brew, which debuted in 2020 and sold out within 24 hours of launch. Crafted with bone broth sourced from turkey meat, sweet potatoes, carrots, basil leaves, peppermint leaves, turmeric ginger and water.

Doggy Tattoos

Tattoos are an amazing way to remember loved ones in an accessible and beautiful manner. For dog owners, getting a tattoo of their beloved pup is an elegant and lasting tribute that they can keep with them forever.

This neo traditional tattoo uses varied lines and shading techniques to bring these dogs to life. Each line thickness highlights a different element, creating an overall cohesive piece.

This tattoo is an impressive example of micro-realism. The detail in its fur is stunning, while using white highlights adds another level of realism. Furthermore, the artist placed the piece in an easily seen location which made for an excellent display.

Dog High Chair

Recent pet owner surveys in four nations provided some fascinating insight into the kinds of accessories pet owners purchase for their animals. Most owners purchase more toys for their animals than useful items or beds – likely because many pet parents view their animals as children who deserve special treatment and spoiling. If you want to treat your pup like royalty while also feeding it, Rockstar Puppy’s $900 Dog High Chair with stairs at its back and two doggie bowl holders is an essential purchase; your little prince or princess can dine like royalty while eating from its very own throne!


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