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Uncovering the Mystery of Casino Surveillance Systems

Casinos store millions in vaults, and some have even been robbed by employees themselves (recall Ocean’s Eleven). Following such thefts, casinos began developing more stringent security systems.

An evening shift casino security guard logs onto their graveyard shift at Mirage Resort Casino to watch video from 28 wall monitors in their surveillance room.

Facial Recognition and License Plate Reading Software

Face recognition systems work by matching an unknown individual to a database of photographs that include them. From this comparison comes a list of potential matches ranked according to likelihood of identification – known as the gallery of candidate photos.

Technology such as Face ID can often see through obstacles to identification such as mustaches, beards and altered hairstyles to effectively identify individuals. Furthermore, its features are resistant to weather conditions and other environmental influences.

As face recognition technology allows for covert, remote and mass capture of images and their identification, its potential implication for civil liberties has raised concerns. Government entities that utilize it should undergo meaningful oversight to ensure they comply with law when collecting and using this data; individuals whose data has been compromised by face recognition systems should have strong and meaningful means for holding these entities accountable, including receiving adequate notice about participation, scope and duration of usage as well as options available to remove it if applicable.

Slot Machine Monitoring

Casinos are at the cutting-edge of security technology. Their focus lies largely in catching cheaters and robbers; as a result, casinos invest in cutting-edge software to track every step their guests take throughout the day.

This invention describes a system and method for tracking certain parameters of play of players at gaming devices such as slot machines. The system includes a digital or video camera 20 that captures an image of each player that can then be stored as part of an internal database.

When matching, the database is compared with a list of individuals suspected of trying to defraud casinos in the past, storing images of such gamers along with account files opened for each one if there is an apparent match. This data allows casinos to monitor slot machine and table game performance as well as provide high-volume gamblers with comps or optimize machine locations on the floor.

Employee Monitoring

Casinos employ teams of employees dedicated to watching for advantage play, fraud and theft. These employees are known as “eyes in the sky”, as they’ve received extensive training for this important task.

Surveillance systems can help prevent cheating by both players and dealers. Recently, for instance, a product hit the market allowing dealers to scan cards in a blackjack shoe and be alerted as soon as they were hot or cold.

Digital can offer significant efficiency gains in terms of quickly reviewing footage. This allows surveillance and floor personnel to spend more time investigating incidents than sorting through endless video footage. Furthermore, workforce activity data collected via digital may provide invaluable insight into processes within an organization as well as employee productivity levels – helping management adapt procedures based on real world evidence – creating an overall better experience for all.

Security Cameras

Casinos use surveillance cameras not just to spot cheaters and fraudsters; fast, real-time video footage is crucial when responding to incidents. Does your casino surveillance system offer this capability?

Advancements in camera technologies tailored specifically for gaming industries are helping casinos stay one step ahead of cheaters. Non-Obvious Relationship Awareness (NORA) software enables casinos to quickly identify whether a dealer and player share a room at the hotel, are related or previously lived together.

PTZ cameras are an invaluable asset to casino security, enabling operators to cover large areas at lower costs. PTZs come equipped with features like guard tour, motion detection and work-based analytics – ideal features for casino surveillance applications. Industry experts cite how quickly accessing two minutes of video allows surveillance personnel to conduct investigations more quickly and efficiently, translating directly into cost savings in labor.


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