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Analyzing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Online Gambling Industry

Due to social distancing restrictions and telework bans during the COVID-19 pandemic, online gambling sites saw their traffic significantly increase. People with access to the internet could enjoy gambling from their own homes.

However, an increase in gambling may have led to greater engagement from certain groups that has proved problematic.

Impact on Global Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic brought global civilization to an halt, disrupting every aspect of daily life and economic activity. Its ripple effects continue to reverberate through businesses struggling to find ways to continue operating with restricted consumer spending and severe restrictions limiting consumer discretionary spending.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, many consumers turned to online gambling sites for various reasons. This included keeping up with sports as well as finding entertainment during times of boredom. Furthermore, internet use increased significantly because people had to spend more time indoors due to being forced into quarantined homes.

Researchers have concluded that online gambling can present serious difficulties to some users. Therefore, researchers need to be aware of the root causes and prevention strategies related to harm caused by gambling; ultimately this will ensure responsible use of online gambling platforms like COVID-19. Unfortunately there is currently limited literature regarding its effect. Therefore further investigation must take place.

Impact on Consumers

As COVID-19 took effect, consumers quickly adjusted their habits. Instead of shopping in person they shifted toward online purchases instead, staying home during lockdowns and cutting back on social activities; leaving more free time available for gambling activities.

Gambling advertising was prominent on their screens and many people took advantage of the chance to gamble – increasing spending – which can be alarming news for those struggling with addiction to gambling.

Numerator’s research revealed that consumer impacts increased rapidly during a pandemic. These impacts are likely to remain even when things return to normal; particularly among young audiences who could develop gambling habits during this period that will be difficult or impossible to change after returning back home; this could have devastating repercussions for their finances and should be of great concern to regulators who should look for ways to address gambling harms effectively.

Impact on Governments

COVID-19 has been an unexpected shock to governments worldwide, from macro levels all the way down to individual firms and households. Its implementation has presented extraordinary challenges requiring creative yet unconventional government responses such as disruptions of supply chains as well as measures aimed at limiting transmission such as social distancing, public lockdowns, travel restrictions or social distancing measures; their effectiveness may differ between countries as do economic costs for businesses and consumers.

Government policy interventions have produced some beneficial effects; however, their costs have also been substantial. Many governments implemented stimulus packages and strengthened social safety nets to shield firms and households from the adverse economic repercussions caused by pandemic.

This note employs a mapping review methodology to explore gambling and the COVID-19 pandemic literature. Our search strategy utilized keywords found within MEDLINE, Academic Search Complete, CINAHL, PsychINFO Socio Index and Google Scholar databases; with results being screened for quality scores before being analysed further and synthesized.

Impact on Online Gambling Market

COVID-19’s global lockdowns led many people to seek relief through online gambling for both entertainment and financial gain, leading major casino gambling players such as Playtech PLC to focus on mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, product innovation and product enhancement in order to expand their presence in the market.

Although these trends may be beneficial to the industry, they may also have unintended negative consequences for vulnerable individuals who already have gambling issues or who may be at risk of developing them. Financial restrictions and psychological pressures associated with COVID-19 pandemic have increased social isolation and anxiety – two risk factors associated with gambling disorders – leading to greater gambling for these individuals than would normally occur; increasing risks of addiction more significantly than otherwise expected and leading them to gamble more than they otherwise would have done. Gamblers are at increased risk of experiencing severe harms related to family life, finances and mental health – this makes monitoring its effect essential from government agencies to monitor its effect closely when it comes to monitoring its effect on gambling closely during an epidemic outbreak is imperative in order to monitor its effect on gambling closely so as not to cause more damage than necessary.


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