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Winning Tips For Progressive Jackpot Slots

Progressives, in particular, promise enough thrills; who wouldn’t want to shoot for such a colossal prize? But before all that momentum suddenly comes to screeching halt…

Patience is at the heart of all successful game play, and knowing how they work and making good decisions also matter. But it is also, of course, essential to gamble responsibly, keeping session length in check so that you are not chasing losses with increasing stakes you cannot afford to lose.

Payback percentages

In progressive jackpot slot games, the jackpot metes out a random prize at a key point in play, but otherwise the jackpot grows over time until some hapless player hits spin at the right moment – that money isn’t part of the machine win, it’s held back until the player does hit it, at which point it is (full disclosure) distributed by the relevant gaming authority: how long it takes that to happen can be six months or more! In the meantime, our player can speed it up if she tracked how large the current jackpot size is from the time she began playing and then compares it to maximums which have come before.

The payback percentage of Progressive Jackpot Slots varies according to how many coins an individual wagers; so this is a reasonable approximation of how likely a machine is to pay out: more coins pay out more often.

Gerry’s list of online progressive jackpot slots has 41 games on it and there are hundreds more, with dozens of progressive pots that regularly spiral past $1 million. Making a big jackpot statement about casino gaming can speak to a player as loudly as the ambience and decor, but without all that glitz. Progressive jackpots generate more gambling than most other casino games.

Scatter symbols

Progressives will change your life, but you likely won’t hit them. Play games with smaller jackpots and strategise your play to win more often and have your best chance of winning big jackpots.

In progressive slots, the jackpot marches onward according to instructions from the casino. That jackpot number will almost always be visible on the screen of the machine, or it may appear in an information window somewhere on the screen; some progressive games have it coded with algorithms that cause it to go off when combination X occurs.

But these network progressive slots connected to a central server and feed into the jackpot pool from any location around the world that they’re played at and funded from, and as such, effected players and their casinos worldwide. Wide-area progressives will climb into well into the millions of dollars and when hit will send dollars scattering back down as they’re built back up.

Bonus rounds

When you play any progressive jackpot slots The outcomes or prizes can manipulated by three factors: First, depending on the game, hitting the jackpot round might require thematic combination of symbols, second the non-thematic bonus rounds might be randomly awarded, and third, each slot game might offer different odds for winning the jackpot.

This allows you to calculate odds and why it may be likely to pay out at a certain stage, which means you can work out volatility to help you plan your strategy or limit losses. Progressive jackpots start with a minimum amount that’s seeded and players contribute until a jackpot is won.

Some progressive jackpot slots include random bonus rounds after certain symbols on a payline match, or spinning a prize wheel or picking cards from a deck to reveal prizes.


At casinos, progressive jackpot slots are the most exciting games. Their tremendous potential payouts draw everyone from the most humble of peons to the richest of emperors. But flashy lights and snazzy themes only tell part of the story. Beneath the surface is a complex world with an unobvious physics, sophisticated mathematics, and strategic thinking, necessitated by the fact that it’s very tough to beat the game. A knowledgeable player can create a personalised strategy to beat the house – that is, create a strategy that makes the game vulnerable to the following simple steps: (1) do whatever the game requires, and (2) hope like hell to win the jackpot.

Network progressive jackpot slots go one step further in making the monster payoff a contingent event, by taking a small portion of every bet and adding it to an ever-increasing progressive prize pool, until it reaches a point where someone actually hits the jackpot and wins it. The payoff odds on a hit of such jackpots might be small, but the prize is potentially huge – especially ‘wide area’ progressives, which hook up machines at multiple casinos and pay out six- and seven-figure sums in carefully calibrated prizes with very low odds of hitting.


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