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Online poker winning strategy

Poker is a very easy game to learn. It only takes a few minutes to learn the poker principles and choose which of the handful of hands is the best. That is the simple part. However, it is important to note that it can take a very long time to develop an ideal playing strategy.

The best poker winning strategies let you stay in a game longer and win most frequently. With some easy strategies, a player is exposed to other players from all over the world and at various skill levels; online poker resources at casino genie also expose players to guides and sites for online poker. It’s all too easy to become caught up in high-octane, aggressive games. Even in low-stakes online poker games, winning can be difficult.

This article teaches the strategies that will help players to profit from online poker by making the best plays possible. Here are a few tips to get you started;

The variety of approaches or styles players should use

There are a different number of ways in which it is possible to play, with the following being the most common:

  • ‘Tight’ refers to a strategy that emphasizes care. It is played conservatively with a limited number of hands and limited chances, avoiding unnecessary risks.
  • ‘Loose’ is the opposite of tight, implying that you play a lot of hands and unlimited chances, prepared to take risks.
  • ‘Aggressive’ refers to a strategy that entails a lot of betting, opening pots, and placing large bets in order to put other players under pressure.
  • ‘Passive’ is the opposite of aggressive; it calls more often than it bets, allowing the opponent to direct the action.
  • ‘Slow Playing’ which is otherwise known as sandbagging or trapping, is a designed play in Poker where players bet a weak hand with a strong holding.

Study the maths of poker

Poker is a mathematical game, however it does not need to be made too difficult for anyone to enjoy. Winning poker begins with the decision of which starting hands to play, with it only natural that the better hand you have the more likely you are to win. It is important to be patient when playing this popular card game, and ensuring you are patient when it comes down to learning how to calculate the odds available, how to compute the number of outs you have, and how to compare all of this to the wager size you’re up against.

By having this information available, you’ll be able to make better math-based decisions rather than guessing whether or not your opponent has it. This will immediately make you a better player.

Making a careful position and starting hand choice

In a betting round, the button is usually the last player to act, which is an advantage because you already know how your opponents have acted. This advantage is shared among all players, ensuring that the game remains fair.

To take advantage of this tactic it’s often better to play more hands in ‘late’ position than in ‘early’ position. In late position, good players may typically loosen their starting hand requirements since the added benefit of position gives them more flexibility and options as the game progresses.


By following the advice highlighted in this article, you will be able to have a greater chance of winning when playing your next game of poker!


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