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Join the popular BC.GAME Coco’s Carnival for a chance to win a $2.1M or a shining Tesla!

BC.GAME’s Coco’s Carnival offers fans and sports bettors the chance to win a $2.1 million prize pool, a shining Tesla, and many more prizes. Learn more about these events by reading the information below!

BC.GAME Coco’s Carnival Giveaway

BC.GAME has been giving away many rewards and prizes throughout 2022, eventually resulting in a great promotion timed to coincide with the FIFA World Cup 2022. The platform provides players the opportunity to win up to $2.1 million, a shining Tesla, and many more prizes from the popular BC.GAME Coco’s Carnival, a page made by BC.GAME for World Cup fans, users, and sports bettors.

BC.GAME Partnership with AFA

The collaboration of BC.GAME and AFA are intended to create a global gateway to create additional revenue streams through various verticals. Both brands will work together to maximize the value of their partnership. The crypto casino will support the Argentine national team, including at the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

How do you win the $2.1M World Cup Carnival?

This is just one of the many events hosted by BC.GAME during the World Cup Season. A CUP or World Cup Coin is a unique coin created exclusively for the BC.GAME World Cup 2022 Wagering Event. You can win prizes from the popular World Cup wagering event if you collect CUP coins.

How to get a CUP or World Cup Coin?

1. Wagering is equivalent to Mining

Each dollar wagered results in the acquisition of ten CUP coins.

You never had those coins, did you? Not a problem. There are other routes available. Click here for more information.

2. The CUP Daily Faucet

You get a chance to win between 100 and 1000 CUP for logging in daily to the event site. When you invite your friends to participate in the wager event, you will be rewarded with additional chances to grab. You could win up to 5 additional chances every day!

How can I enter the Tesla Giveaway that’s being held?

This is another big event hosted by BC.GAME.

Follow these steps to get to the giveaway page and a chance to win a shining Tekla:

1. Select the “Join Now” button from the event page:

2. Make sure that each segmentation task is completed.

3. After you have finished the assigned task, Cwallet will let you know that you have been successful in the exciting draw waiting list.

4. Wait for Coco’s Mega grand draw.

Click here for more information.

Want to know more about BC.GAME?

BC.GAME is a cryptocurrency gambling platform that provides a wide range of live casinos, sports betting and online casino games. BC.GAME’s integration of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology allows players to reap the benefits of both technological innovations. Sportsbetting is part of its gaming portfolio, and it accepts bets on major leagues, such as the widely-known World Cup.

The official website has been restructured, and it now has more functionalities that all of its users should experience. Its gaming portfolio now includes sports betting. Users who want to win in major leagues, notably the World Cup, can take advantage of various bonuses, promotions, and major prizes.

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