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How to Play Blackjack Like a Pro

Blackjack is one of the most sought-after casino games. While it may be a game of chance, there are some tips that could increase your winnings and net more payouts.

Playing like a pro requires understanding the fundamental strategy of the game. Doing so will enable you to make statistically correct and objective decisions without becoming distracted by emotions.

Basic strategy

Basic strategy is the secret to playing blackjack like a pro. It was developed by computer simulation of millions of hands of blackjack to identify the mathematically optimal play for every hand combination.

By doing this, it takes away the guesswork from when to hit, stand, double, split or surrender your hand. Additionally, it reduces the house edge to as little as 0.1 percent or less depending on the table rules and deck count used.

However, it’s essential to remember that you may not always be able to follow the strategy exactly. In such cases, you may need to deviate from it at certain count indexes.


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Splitting pairs

If you play blackjack like a pro, then you know the importance of knowing when to split pairs. While it may not be as thrilling as doubling down, splitting pairs is an effective way to boost your chances of winning.

Basic strategy dictates that the optimal move is to split a pair of Aces or 8s regardless of the dealer’s upcard. This is because these cards give a hand value of either 2 or 22.

However, some pairs should never be split in blackjack, such as tens and fives. These hands have a high likelihood of going bust regardless of what the dealer upcard is.

Double down

Double down is one of the most sought-after bets at blackjack tables, but it comes with risks that require skill to execute. By understanding the dos and don’ts associated with this strategy, you can increase your chances of success and maximize your rewards.

When betting, the best time to double down is when the dealer shows a weak card such as 2, 3, or 5. This increases your chance of busting than if they had shown an up card of 2 through 6.


Surrendering is an essential element of basic strategy, as it drastically reduces the house advantage. Not only that, but surrendering can reduce your chances of going broke and improve overall odds.

When playing at either an online or physical casino, it’s essential to understand when to surrender. Generally, this occurs when your hand has a low probability of winning and the dealer’s up card has significant strength.

Surrendering a blackjack hand is an integral part of basic strategy, as it significantly reduces the house edge. Additionally, it may reduce your chances of going bust and help you keep half of your initial bet.


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