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Gambling in Jordan – Security Issues Related to the Micro Game

Gambling in Jordan – Security Issues Related to the Micro Game

In recent times, Jordan has seen major changes in its attitude towards gambling. Earlier, in 2021, the kingdom closed all casinos and all gambling activities in the country. Today, however, with increased economic pressure on the government of Jordan and an ever-changing economy that is highly dependent on foreign trade, the government has re-opened all casinos and is trying hard to encourage local business to participate in the booming casino industry.

About 2,500 people showed up in Jordan to call for the immediate dissolution of the “parliament of shame,” over a purported graft case involving a gambling casino. There were clashes between the angry crowds and police in Amman during the course of the day as citizens attempted to disrupt the hearings. As a result, more than 1,100 Jordanians participated in a peaceful demonstration organized by the Muslim opposition in the capital, central Amman. The protesters called on the government to reverse the decision and to resign. They also demanded the release of an anti-gambling MP who had been arrested while trying to investigate the alleged abuse of some guards working in the Al-Gabel Hospital.

What follows is a brief survey of how the Gaming Law in Jordan currently stands. Gambling is strictly prohibited in the country and all types of gambling (including online gaming) are controlled by the Islamic law which makes gambling a criminal activity. Therefore, any violation of this law can constitute prison terms or sometimes even lashes. Serious penalties are incurred if there is a conviction of gambling by an individual.

There are four types of legal gambling in Jordan: poker, three-card draw, baccarat and keno. Poker is the most popular card game. Almost all the casinos in Jordan are found in the old part of town in the downtown area. Card rooms are also located in several locations in Jordan. Most of these casinos are operated by international chains.

Most of the card rooms and other gaming establishments have in-house gamblers but they also allow walk-ins. For this reason, the chances of finding a real live gambler in Jordan are relatively low. The chances of meeting a genuine gambler are even lower than most of these gamblers are from outside of Jordan. However, there are a few locals who frequent such casinos to win lottery tickets. Lottery is a very popular form of gambling in Jordan.

A high number of Jordanians enjoy playing lottery games. The majority of lottery winners live in Jordan. This is primarily because lottery games are a highly lucrative form of gambling and most of these winners live in poor conditions with no work and hence no income. As a result, they are ready to risk their last dime in order to become a millionaire. Hence, most of these people prefer to play lottery games rather than betting on their favorite sports team.

In fact, even if you are an ardent sports fan, do not bet on your favorite teams during home games. The same goes for football and basketball games. There are a number of reasons why a gambler would prefer to gamble on something different rather than betting on his favorite team. These include personal interests, changing of moods, changes in the economy, and other external factors. Hence, it is your personal decision to decide how much you want to gamble.

In summary, a gambler in Jordan can be fairly safe as long as he or she does not expose their true identity and location. However, most players in the casinos are either bluffers or ex-gamblers who hide their true identity. Therefore, it is always important that you know where you are gambling and what you are risking when you play at a casino in Jordan.